Swannay Brewery 

Packaging + Design

Swannay Brewery are a prestigious brewery based in the Orkney islands of Scotland, producing some exceptional beer. Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of creating a contemporary range of four new craft beers for them, something that could sit alongside their heritage range but also have a distinctly vibrant and boisterous character of their own.

The first part of the design process involved delving into the fascinating and ever-expanding beer world, providing Swannay with insight into trends but also establishing a key mandatory - the need to stand out from such a competitive market. Following the research phase, and as part of the creative process, we provided Swannay with a strong, vibrant new direction for their new sub-range. Using some charming Orkney dialect for names, distinctly Orkney objects as crests and devising a trademark pattern that paid tribute to Orkney's nautical heritage, we created Bygg, Muckle, Banyan and Voe.

The full range, and below, keg labels and some supporting design work

The full range, and below, keg labels and some supporting design work

The design Wellkerned produced was fantastic and is winning us many plaudits. The experience of working with Vinny himself was very refreshing - the professionalism and attention to detail of a large agency with the personal touches of working direct with an individual.
— Lewis Hill, Swannay Brewery

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